Gretsch Releases Purewood Hickory Drum Set in Limited Quantities

02 August, 2012

For 2012 Gretsch has announced that it's next drum set in the Renown Purewood series will be made of North American Hickory. Only two configurations are being offered and production is limited to 35 of each. Hickory is known for it's strength and density. Tonal properties for the bass drum will feature a tremendous low end with a punchy attach. The toms will feature a focused yet lively tone and the hickory shell snare drum will produce a solid wood tone and crack yet still retain it's sensitivity. The hickory shells will feature a natural interior and the exterior will have a natural gloss lacquer finish to enhance the unique grain texture that hickory is known for.

Purewood Hickory 5 Pc Shell Pack - RP-E605-HCK

All Pro Percussion is excited to be able to offer both the 5 Pc and 6 Pc configurations. Please see specs on each configuration below. If you wish to learn more about these drums please visit or give us a call at (813) 341-3786.

Purewood Hickory 6 Pc Shell Pack - RP-E826-HCK


5 Pc Shell Pack-Model# RP-E605-HCK: 7x10 & 8x12 Toms, 14x14 Floor Tom, 16x20 Bass, 5.5x14 Snare 

6 Pc Shell Pack-Model# RP-RP-E826-HCK: 7x10 & 8x12 Toms, 12x14 & 14x16 Floor Toms, 18x22 Bass, 6x14 Snare

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