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New Zildjian Prodcuts For 2013

31 January, 2013

Zildjian A Series Gets a Facelift: Refactoring of the A Zildjian Line, Introduction of New Models, and an Updated Logo. One of Zildjian’s core values is to follow the music. That’s why we listened to drummers when they told us our A Zildjian line needed to be dialed into the essence of that classic sound. Making adjustments to the curvature and weights of our current line to capture the sweet spot of the A sound, producing even better crashes, rides, and hats that reflect today’s musical styles. Also in 2013, we’re reintroducing the 19” and 20” Thin Crashes and 20” Medium Thin Crash, and introducing a new 23” Sweet Ride -- all in response to drummers’ requests for larger, thinner models.

New/Re-Released A Zildjian Cymbals

  • 19” A Thin Crash
  • 20” A  Thin Crash
  • 20” A  Mediun Thin Crash
  • 23” A Sweet Ride

ZBT & ZHT Series New Enhancements: Starting in 2013, ZBT will feature lathing on both sides of the cymbal, a traditional finish, and a newly re-designed logo. New models will include the 22” ZBT Ride and 17” and 19” ZBT Crashes. All ZBT Rock models will be discontinued in 2013. The ZHT line will feature an updated logo in 2013 that is more in keeping with the graphic style of the Zildjian Company logo.

New ZBT Cymbals 
  • 17” ZBT Crash 
  • 19” ZBT Crash 
  • 22” ZBT Ride
Ringo Star Signature Drum Stick: Ringo. He’s inspired generations of drummers around the world. Zildjian is honored to announce its recent collaboration with the incomparable Ringo Starr to create an all new Zildjian Artist Series Drumstick. Ringo helped us design a very versatile stick with 5A type dimensions, an elongated oval tip, and our exclusive DIP® coating in a vibrant purple. Of course, the stick is imprinted with the artist’s signature and trademark star!