Evans Reel Feel 6" 1-Sided Standard Pracice Pad

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Small enough to store in a stick-bag, and with a 8mm threading on the bottom for mounting on a cymbal stand, the RealFeel 6 inch Single Sided Practice Pad is the perfect travel companion for the drummer on the go.

RealFeel practice pads have long been the standard for pros, hobbyists, and students.

It's hard to find a serious drummer who doesn't own an old RealFeel pad that's been beaten up, drawn on, baked in the trunk of a car, or otherwise abused.

The crusty surface that results from years of relentless paradiddles, triplets, flams, and rolls is practically a badge of honor.

A few cosmetic improvements have made today's modern RealFeels the "go to" choice for the next generation of obsessed shedders.

Even after all this time...nothing else feels like a RealFeel.