Ludwig 14 x 5 Copperphonic Seamless Copper Snare Drum

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Ludwig's Copper-Phonic is the newest addition to their series of Seamless Metal snare drums. The Copper-Phonic snare is available in 2 models that are manufactured in Ludwig's Monroe, NC Plant. The LC661 is 5"x14" and LC663 is 6.5"x14".

The Copper- Phonic features a seamless copper shell machined drawn and spun into a beaded shell. The shell has a smooth natural raw patina finish and is fitted with Imperial lugs. Also included are 2.3mm hoops, P85 throw-off and a P33 snare butt.

Model: LC661

Size: 14"x 5"

Condition: New

Warranty: Ludwig's standard manufacturer warranty.