Ludwig Legacy Classic 3 Pc Downbeat Drum Set - 12/14/20

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This 3 piece Ludwig Legacy Classic series drum set features 3-ply maple/poplar/maple shells in Vintage Black Oyster Pearl finish. To complete that classic Ludwig look this kit also includes Rail Mount, Mini Classic Lugs, Classic floor tom brackets and Vibraband with Classic Tom Bracket for 12 Tom.

  • 12"x8 Tom
  • 14"x14" Floor Tom
  • 20"x14" Bass Drum

Warranty: We are an Authorized Ludwig Dealer and this drum set will be covered under the manufacturer's standard warranty.

About Ludwig's Legacy Series:

Vintage Ludwig drums -featuring the classic 3-ply shell construction from Ludwig's Golden Era- are treasured for tonal purity in recording environments. As Ludwig's flagship professional drum line, Legacy Series is a decidedly modern twist on our vintage shell formula.

The key to Legacy's classic tone begins with a cross-laminated American Poplar center ply to lend focus to the warm, sustained resonance of inner/outer Maple plies. This unique shell combination is further stabilized by a specially-rounded bearing edge with single-ply reinforcement rings.

Shell Specifications:

  • 1/16" Maple Outer Ply
  • 1/8" Poplar Core Ply
  • 1/16" Maple Inner Ply
  • 1/4" Solid Maple Reinforcement Rings.

Bearing Edge:

30 Degree inner cut with a 1/8" radius round over

Producing a pure, well-rounded sonic footprint, Legacy Series revives the distinctive sound that set the standard for popular music throughout the 20th Century.

Historic Fact:

Ludwig and Ludwig's 3-ply shell formula was unveiled in 1923; at the time touted as being built " accordance with the recognized correct principles used in the manufacture of airplanes." This classic construction evolved into a sound that captured the attention of generations of drummers.