Paiste 20" Signature Duo Ride - Vir2osity - Carl Palmer Signature Ride

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This cymbal is in like new condition very clean and only has a few stick marks. A customer special ordered it and then traded in back in for a different cymbal.

There are no dent, dings or cracks in the cymbal and there is no keyholing. The finish is clean and bright and free of fingerprints and smudges. The cymbal pictured below is the actually cymbal being sold.

Condition: Pre-Owned

Warranty: Sold as is, no warranty.

About Paiste's 20" Signature Duo Ride

The «Vir2osity» 20" Duo Ride was created in collaboration with the legendary Carl Palmer, the drum virtuoso behind the progressive rock supergroup ELP, who powerfully incorporated classical and jazz influences into the early rock drumming of the 1970s and continues to distinguish himself with his inimitable and energetic drumming style that highlights technical prowess, speed and dexterity.

The newly developed model is loosely based on the original Signature Dry Dark Ride, with its characteristic, pronounced hammer marks on an earthy dark surface, being the result of intense heat treatment. The outer perimeter and the bell of the cymbal are then lathed using the unique Reflector finish.

The «Vir2osity» 20" Duo Ride executes Carl’s exclusive ideas for a variable ride cymbal with distinct playing zones. In general, this heavy cymbal features a fairly raw, earthy, complex wash that’s very tight and controlled. The overall glassy stick sound tends towards a drier, more raw and wooden note in the un-lathed zone, while the lathed zone presents a livelier, crisper and richer ping. The bell is well separated and decidedly loud and piercing.

As a tribute to Carl’s inspiration, the label «Vir2osity» and a rendition of Carl’s personal emblem have been placed on the cymbal.